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HIPAA Security Consulting and Assessments

HIPAA introduces a variety of organizational and procedural changes that address the confidentiality, availability, integrity and overall security of Electronic Patient Health Information (eHPI) within the HealthCare and Medical Services industry.

If your organization is a Covered Entity (CE) as defined by the Health and Human Services Department, you are required to implement a variety of practices within your organization. These are defined in the HIPAA Security Rule. One of these requirements is regular assessment and review of your companies policies, procedures and overal information systems security posture. AltaPacific has been leading the way in HIPAA security consulting, CFR 164.308 Risk Analysis, and vulnerability assessments and provides our clients comparative information and baselines against industry standard practices in addition to the HIPAA mandated review items in the Security Rule.

AltaPacific will provide your organization with a complete assessment as required under the HIPAA specifications. This includes on-site interviews with personnel, system analysis, policy and procedure review and remediation suggestions. AltaPacific provides a detailed report in addition to a breakdown executive summary chart showing your HIPAA security posture compared to each of the required implementation specifications.

AltaPacific's security team headed by HIPAA Security consultants, Alex Metson and Matthew Johnson, can consult your organization on specific parts of the Security Rule or security practices currently in place within your organization relative to compliance.

Other Sources for HIPAA Security information, Standards and Implementation Specifications

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